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Power to the BITCHES.

Japan Love

>>>Japan Love<<<

Craving //pan crust pizza

scented // Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

Resemblance ::Tomoe Hotaru

I am part of the Mysterious Play

I wanna glomp || Wolfwood ChiChiri

Dark Angel of schizophrenia

I was murdered ::Yet I live

I yoda!

not stupid. (just out of it.)

I mischief!

I am an undercover superhero!



Ranma Quiz!

You are the good ol' thumb! You are the family one, the one who not necessarily everyone loves but the one who everyone can't live without. Always willing to lend a hand or comfort a friend when they need it.
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What San-X character are you?

You have a few close friends that you are comfortable with, but can get along with anyone. You have an exceptional sweet tooth for candy with a personality to match. If you can't brighten up someone's day, no one can!

What San-X Character Are You?

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Which PPG are you?


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You are Kinomoto Sakura

Take the "What Magic Girl are you?" Quiz

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